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Located in Owen Graduate Hall, the Lear Center is part of MSU’s Career Services Network. We support any undergraduate student interested in a career in business. We are also one of three career centers on campus with interview rooms available to reserve. At no extra cost, schedule recruiting events, establish a strategy to increase visibility, and plan your visit to campus.

Your Brand On Campus

Looking for innovative ways to enhance your campus recruiting efforts? Beyond traditional recruiting activities such as job postings and career fairs, MSU offers a wide variety of other opportunities to personalize your strategy and enhance your organization’s visibility on campus.

Personal recruitment strategies include:

For more information, contact the Lear Career Center at 517.432.0830 to schedule a meeting.

Code of Conduct

Recruiters are obliged to behave in a respectful manner towards the Lear Corporation Career Service Center student assistants and staff, to help maintain a climate of friendliness and harmony. Strictly refraining from any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment, or victimization.

All recruiters are expected to treat other visitors in the center as fellow professionals. It is important to respect others’ work and efforts.

All recruiters should treat the Lear Center’s property, whether material or intangible, with respect and care. Lear Center’s equipment must not be misused or used frivolously. When leaving a space, it is encouraged to leave things in a manner better than originally found.

Closing time is 5 p.m., please be prepared to exit at this time. Most nights, our student assistants are closing the Lear Center and need to leave to attend to their studies. We would like to be respectful of their time. If you need to debrief with your team, there are locations upstairs in the Broad College of Business that can be utilized after hours, please inquire with the staff.

Offer Agreements

Although we do not have offer deadlines, we encourage employers to keep offers open for a two week period, as well as open to extensions so that students can evaluate all offers they receive.

We also expect that employers hold their end of the offer agreement and do not renege on an offer given to a student. If an employer chooses to cancel an interview/event, it is the employer’s responsibility to contact the students who have taken a slot or signed up for the event and notify each of the cancellation.


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